I can spot them from a mile away

I can spot them from a mile away

whenever you realize you might be subconsciously manipulating someone in any way, get away from them, think about it, then go back and fix it. apologize, admit it, or just forget about it and move on, watching yourself the next time. whatever. just don’t give up you sociopathic psychos out there. i love ya. find peace. i hope this helped.

Guess I’m one of the oddball sociopaths. For one I’m female, and I don’t abuse drugs or booze. I get a thrill out or manipulating and controlling people to benefit myself. But I never Physically harm anyone! I do have a tendency to lies as well. I also have schizotypal personality disorder. Practically mild schizophrenia. I admit I do think about physical things. But what is the point when I can put you in mental anguish for the rest of your life. Many of you reading this probably think I’m a horrible person. But I only play these mind games with people who provoke me. Rather it be trying to control me, change me, or screw me over somehow. No one plays with me without there being repercussions. And there are many ways to get to people that are perfectly legal. fnlyundrstnd

She would have fake gas leaks, people after her with guns all for attention

My mother was I don’t know a sociopath. When I was younger this was not discussed. I know I always looked at Charlie Manson and said that’s what she is. She went to treatment but my father and I would have to go also and she would just convince the Dr. My dad let her get away with it her family let her get away with everything. They would just say don’t make her nervous. She did horrible things to me and they all told me to just take it. She cut my hair off and told me I was allergic to my hair that’s why I had too much ear wax. I also think she had Munchausen by proxy she made me sick. I had mono 4 times, she would just not want to deal with me and put me to bed for months.

I fought alone, no siblings no one would help

Everyone felt so sorry for her with a sick child. I finally quit talking to her at 42. She still tried to manipulate me from afar. She finally overdosed herself last year. I hid behind my car when the police went into her apt. The police officer told me he understood he had dealt with her so many times. She called me shortly before she died and told me she had bladder cancer and it was very hereditary to go and get testing done, she was taking chemo. I spoke with her doctor she didn’t have cancer. Another lie. I guess the reason I am writing this is for others.

She affected my life so badly for 49 years I was a mess. I want to alanon my father an alcoholic, my mother with her pills. Didn’t help I sat and cried through so many meetings. Finally something hit me, I was a negative person. The way I had been realized nothing was OK unless there was something terrible going on, I guess she wasn’t happy unless she was unhappy. So I decided to retrain myself to be positive. It was very hard but really didn’t take long. I must admit for the first year I kept waiting for the other shoe to fall to get a panic attack short term loans in Kentucky but never happened. It has been 5 years now and I am finally free of all of it I still don’t understand but I am happy for the first time.

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