Not a good site to meet females

Not a good site to meet females

Biggest dif btwn the 2 is SA has more guys but SB has brought me more solid results with real meetups and follow through with serious guys. OTOH, SB has taken more effort on my part in reaching out first. Both good though

Not a good site to meet females. Most ads are fake. I get these messages to meet and when I respond back I do not hear back from anyone. It’s like they just want you to spend credits. I wonder if they are just posting profile from other sites here. I am not bad looking. I will not be spending any more money on this site.

Hi Steve, we’d really like to help resolve the concerns you’ve raised, could you please provide us with your username or email address? You can do so either via Trust Pilot or by contacting us directly.

SB is fun and free

I guess u could say I went into SB with no expectations but I did have high hopes. 4 or dating 2 guys and have been chatting several others. I use the site everyday and have yad no problems other than a couple guys that just didn’t know how to talk to a woman.

So glad I found this site

So glad I found this site. I’ve been very frustrated with other sites where it’s very difficult to get attention. Not the case here at all where I have my pick of men. I suppose it depends on your area but I highly recommend giving it a shot.

Signed up over the weekend and already…

Signed up over the weekend and already had a date yrsterday with a nice guy. I dont think I will see him again because im chatting with another guy who seems more my type. Good site to find successful men.

Good, but room for improvement

My experience with SB over the last year has been very positive, except for an event a few days ago – hence 4 stars, down from my initial 5 star review of SB a year ago. My history before SB has been with AM and Saphrina – both single stars IMO. At SB, I have had 2 real GFs, the first for 4 months and the second for 8 months. Basically, no time without a GF. I have been very happy with this.

Now, on to the recent event, one which I think can occur at most dating sites. I met a woman, unverified; she gave me her # and we texted offsite; after a day or two, we set up a meeting, but she wanted a $200 gift card “commitment” BEFORE meeting. I said no and this led to her canceling the meeting. So, now suspicious, I checked her profile and found her photos matched ones from another profile. She was obviously trolling for easy fish to prey on. I’ve reported this to SB as a safety issue. Lessons learned: be careful of unverified profiles, never send money before meeting, don’t send gift cards. Real as most profiles on SB seem, it’s ok to trust – but verify.

SB customer service got right back to me, and was Soul Singles stГ¶rung very concerned with my experience, and compensated me with 500 points. Thanks, SB! In reflection, SB is in a unique position to limit experiences like this – because they include the option for people to register with a verification video (something other sites don’t do). In future I will always look at verified profiles first.

I made a suggestion to SB because of my recent experience, which they are considering. That is to prioritize verified profiles first on SB’s daily summary profile, with the intent of encouraging more people to register as verified.

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