Nu-13’s framework is totally in accordance with the Mecha Musume layout, a structure motif detailed with ‘humanizing’ servers or inanimate items

Nu-13’s framework is totally in accordance with the Mecha Musume layout, a structure motif detailed with ‘humanizing’ servers or inanimate items

In the example of Nu, hers is dependant on swords. When not when you look at the competition, she looks like an early lady which have sunken purple vision and you can enough time silver hair fastened towards an excellent braid held together with her of the a beneficial single blade. She wears a shiny jumpsuit and you can a lengthy moving cape that have red-coloured recording seals attached to the end. She wears a magic electricity regulator eyepatch for her right eye and you can the woman is barefoot which have blue nail polish to your both fingertips and you will toes. For the BlazBlue: Phase shift 4, this lady said right eyes try found to-be that have black sclera, just in case revealed, emanates blue vein scratching that slower control their right side.

When and in case competition condition, she would wear innovative blade-inspired armour which includes some eight disembodied knives you to definitely drift trailing their when you look at the a wing-including formation. She now would wear an effective visor with one eyes and horns in the bottom.

Mobile nu

In BlazBlue: Calamity Lead to, Noel Vermillion once noticed a beneficial “younger” variety of Nu. She used a bluish skirt along with lengthier, silver tresses, like Noel physically. That it adaptation is even viewed whenever Nu is actually influenced by Amane’s Astral Heat, however, she has her eyepatch inside celebration.

Eventually out-of BlazBlue: Centralfiction, Nu wears an off-white dress, she not any longer wears a keen eyepatch but possess bandages on her behalf right eye as an alternative.


Nu is proven to features a torn personality; one that’s an emotionless lady one to comes after requests undoubtedly and most other since the a great yandere who is in love with Ragna this new Bloodedge.

Getting a prime Occupation, Nu’s thinking was closed away, are little more than an enthusiastic emotionless host whom eliminates anyone who obstructs their coding otherwise the person who she find are aggressive. She was originally developed in order to terminate someone she deems hostile you to definitely showed up nearby the Gate. When talking to anyone that isn’t really or cannot explore Ragna, she speaks for example a machine or in a keen emotionless tone and you may is just in search of the lady commands.

When as much as, hearing about otherwise thinking about Ragna likewise, the woman character changes so you can somebody who is totally infatuated that have your. In her brain, Nu need to have Ragna so you’re able to by herself, and anybody who enters her ways must perish, therefore and make her a fanatical yandere in place of an possessive you to definitely (possessive yanderes tend to destroy the love attract to eliminate shedding these to anyone else). Nu’s love for Ragna even offers provided the woman brand new habit of with the most sexual innuendo out from the whole cast inside the fresh BlazBlue series. So it especially the instance whenever around Ragna, as she is usually offering your a good “naughty” smile while using the innuendo as much as your. But not, what makes Nu different to conventional yanderes would be the fact whenever you are she change in order to somebody who is actually like that have Ragna, she doesn’t necessarily provides good “deredere” front in order to her identification once the she nonetheless will say black and you will artwork what you should someone else that can nevertheless act emotionless also in Ragna’s presence.

It unrequited like is due to a unique translation of exactly what nothing away from Saya’s thoughts off Ragna she possesses given that a direct consequence of getting a clone from his sibling, and that progressed into an intimate passion as well as the belief which they was basically bound to be likely with her from the future. not, Nu has actually a new translation off exhibiting love to Ragna, that involves “killing” one another, with the knowledge that none herself neither Ragna can’t forever remain dead due on the Lifetime Hook up it share. The reason being Ragna had missing a couple of Nu’s prior undeveloped authorities in the past before the events out-of Calamity Trigger which were not able to reply let alone cam. This offered the lady the feeling you to definitely “killing” both is the greatest and just way to inform you love to Ragna and it is for that reason fact that even with enjoying Ragna a lot, she has a tendency to nonetheless challenge your when you look at the an extremely intense fashion after they engage in battle.

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