I recently had liposuction on my outer and inner thighs and knees

I recently had liposuction on my outer and inner thighs and knees

The only person who was helpful was the person I initially consulted with, who was Brittany Pauk

I immediately knew that, despite the staff telling me I’d have to wait 6 months to see full results, I saw no improvement or results. The awake procedure was horribly painful. The numbing didn’t take in my left leg so I felt everything. My legs were terribly bruised even though I followed their instructions precisely. The sales consult was very pushy although I tolerated it because I desperately wanted to fix a problem I’ve had most of my life, perhaps that emotion was played upon. All in all, I’m extremely dissatisfied with a very expensive procedure. If I could offer any advice it would be don’t do it, it’s absolutely not worth the huge expense.

im having done but im reading the reviews im wondering if they would give me my payment back but if they don’t im going ahead with it I will be back and let u know if im satisfied

Good evening , I have sent picture of my disfigurement,, I’m not satisfied of my results, I haven’t reach out to cooperate yet, I have been mislead with the information, the time of the procedure, experience, tremendous pain ,Dr.Taylor did not give the medication time to kick in I felt all of the pain and also to take off work for the healing process to end up now with disfigurement, unacceptable, this is something I dont want to ever experience again, and don’t let me get on sonobello communication skills, pathetic, this need to be rectified immediately, These charges need to be removed.

This review is about the Woburn Sono Bello

I’m happy I read these reviews.. I wish I would of prior to my experience.. I waited for weeks for my appointment.. I was sent a confirmation for my appointment.. I missed a day of work.. then 4 hrs. Prior to my appointment I received a call my appointment was canceled.. After reading these reviews.. I’m now HAPPY my appointment was canceled.. If this professional office can’t even schedule their appointments.. And it was ok I missed a day of work… NOT THEIR PROBLEM or CONCERN… I’m happy to find out NOW this company isn’t somewhere I would TRUST to do cosmetic surgery

Due to COVID, I had a phone consultation almost two months ago. I had told the consultant I had a blood disorder. From there, I had my pre-op and surgery booked. Twice I spoke to a nurse (Cherise) who said they were aware of the blood disorder and would let the surgeons know and would call me back if there was a problem. My surgery was booked for 7/18. I had a pre-op scheduled for 7/8. I happened to call right before the appt to see how long it would take and the receptionist Sophia told me I wasn’t on the schedule because my surgery was canceled. I told her I was not informed of this and she said the nurse Cherise documented she spoke to me. I asked to speak to Cherise. She didn’t call me back until the next day and stated “she spoke to the doctors on 6/16 (mind you, it’s 7/9) and was told I was not a candidate due to the blood disorder. When I asked her why I wasn’t notified, she said, “I meant to call you but it’s been so busy around here”. That was unacceptable in my eyes. I had taken time off from work already. I’m ok with not having the surgery for safety issues but I was not informed of the date AND they still had my money! If they knew my surgery was canceled on 6/17, why wasn’t my money refunded (mind you, it was over $10 eurodate hr,000!). It took me calling corporate several times to finally get it refunded (1 month after canceling my surgery). Everyone else was dismissive and rude. That tells me they are only in it for the money. Beware!

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